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Recruitment solutions for temp agencies, staffing agencies, corporates and government
mobile conversion
real-time stats

The only fully automated multiposting system

  • Fast, professional and cost-effective
  • Fully automated job posting
  • The most user friendly system according to our clients
  • Jobs posted with all correct criteria with a minimum of effort
  • Specifically no use of job parsing
  • Professional layout of your jobs online
  • Much more cost-effective than other solutions
  • Technical support, always reachable by phone
  • Fast and easy set-up

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Multisourcing 2.0

Find and invite candidates fast on multiple job boards using your job opening.

Searching and finding candidates in multiple CV databases was never easier with SourceAnyone. Not only can you search in a number of CV databases, you can also invite candidates to apply with one click!

You decide which candidates you want to contact directly and which you want to contact using our workflow system.

Candidates are presented with a short form asking for their status and whether or not they want to apply.

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The revolutionary patented solution for mobile applications

  • Up to 40% more applications
  • Have candidates apply with their job board CV from any mobile device
  • Works on existing application forms
  • CV uploaded quickly and application form automatically filled in
  • Mobile applications directly into your system
  • A minor adjustment to the apply link will do
  • No adjustments to your application form needed
  • Including retargeting for unfinished applications
  • Patented in several countries

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Drill down in your data

If you really want to know what drives your recruitment numbers, it's time to start using StatEverything. All your data from RecruitAnywhere multiposting, ApplyAnywhere mobile conversion and SourceAnyone multisourcing is available for drill down.

Drill down scenario's can easily be saved and shared. Periods can be browsed through and compared with a single click. It's that easy.

And it's real-time.

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Automate Everything

Using our advanced workflow system you can automate everything.

Example use cases:

  • Scheduled import / export from external systems
  • Update your CV database by asking candidates their status
  • Connect to external websites without an API

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