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 Looking for more candidates? Only 1 euro per extra application.

Does this sound familiar to you?

Candidates coming from mobile and not filling in your application form ?

The result: missed out applications. Despite the tight labour market!

Why do candidates drop out? Simply because they cannot easily attach a CV using their smartphone or tablet .

Over 50% of potential candidates use smartphones or tablets. And this percentage is only increasing.

The solution: ApplyAnywhere

RecruitmentTechnologies has a patented solution for mobile applications: ApplyAnywhere.

With this patented technology candidates can easily add a job board CV to your application form.

ApplyAnywhere is guaranteed to increase the number of applications. For only 1 euro per extra application. Regardless of the number of vacancies.

How does it work?

ApplyAnywhere enables candidates to apply from any mobile device with your existing application form, including CV!

And an additional advantage for candidates: most fields in your application form are filled in automatically. Making it easy and fast for candidates to apply.

Activation is effortless

ApplyAnywhere is also very easy to activate. All you have to do is prefix ‘apply.applyanywhere.com’ to your application links (after your application form has been set up by us).

That's when you are ready to receive mobile applications with CV by your existing application form. With up to 40% more candidates as a result.

Try it!

You can try ApplyAnywhere two weeks for free and receive additional applications and comprehensive statistics. Please contact us through our contact form and we will help you get started.

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