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Increase your recruitment return on investment with Smart CPC-CPA Multiposting

Reach top candidates and optimize your budget with RecruitAnywhere Multiposting.

How does it work?

Our RecruitAnywhere multiposter seamlessly integrates CPC and CPA, enabling you to effectively advertise your job openings while controlling your costs. You pay only for the clicks or applications you actually receive, ensuring efficient budget spending. With real-time analytics, you quickly identify which channels deliver the best results, allowing you to optimize your recruitment strategy.

Automatic Distribution

Our RecruitAnywhere multiposter automatically publishes your job posting on multiple job boards simultaneously, maximizing your reach and visibility in one go without the need for multiple manual uploads.

Your jobs will have to correct criteria, nicely formatted text and apply and landing page links that use utm tags for your system to track and trace.

You can select whioch jobs will appear in which campaigns on the job boards. The campaign setting also determines the range of CPC/CPA.

Real-time Performance Analysis

You get access to real-time data on how your jobs are performing, with insights into both clicks (CPC) and received applications (CPA). This information allows you to continuously optimise your recruitment campaigns for the best results at the lowest cost.

Zoom in to find best performers and adjust you strategy accordingly. You can e.g. zoom in on organisational unit, job sector or job category.

Our Performance Partners

Empower your recruitment with our combined forces, offering unparalleled access to over 120 million job seekers across a network of 1000+ trusted partner channels, all through an omni-channel, AI-enhanced platform.


Through our integrated system, leverage Jooble's extensive network to post jobs with precision. Set your price per click, manage budgets smartly, and enjoy the flexibility of our unique PPJ model. No more guesswork – just targeted campaigns that deliver.


As a proud partner of Monsterboard, Recruitment Technologies offers you access to the Pay-for-Performance solution, an innovative approach where you only pay when candidates respond to your job posting.


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